3D Printing Tool Box Organisers




So my bother has this toolbox that he acquired from work but the incests do not work for his needs. He came to me asking if I could print some boxes for his to organise the toolbox a bit better and any excuss for me to print / model something I’m happy with.

I tool the dimensions into fusion 360 and modelled the inserts for the box. I had to split the prints into 3 sections to fit it on the print bed but this worked out really well.


36 Hours Later

It was done. Printed the parts on my new Creality ender 3 in PLA at 0.3 layer height and it came out great. This was one of my largest prints yet I was expecting issues going into it but nothing. I know it not that complex a print but being a noob I assumed something had to go wrong.


I’m very happy with the project as a whole it came out better than expected and my brother was very happy.

If you are interested in more like this check out my other posts or youtube for more interesting projects and I’ll see you around.