About Me


Hi, I’m Alex

I have always loved tech so that’s what I do here. Here I share my projects, thoughts and ideas for you to follow or think about.

This is me


I was one of those kids that played modded Minecraft for years. Gaming addiction is fun after all, not. I have been on my computer for years.

Now I code games and apps and design websites for family and friends. I want to share that technology projects here with you lovely people and document them here for myself.

I make interesting apps for mobile and taking recommendations from you from interesting things to make. These apps will be on your favourite app stores to download.

This will be that same with the games I make. They will be inspired by your recommendations but all available for free download, so you can try all my games and apps for yourselves.


Building things is freedom. Being able to take sheet metal and make whatever I like is freedom in my mind. I recently got a 3d printer and this is amazing to me. Being able to build anything that pops into my mind( and a lot of things do) is amassing.

I will be sharing all of these projects from printing toolbox organizers for my bother to enclosures for my electronics. I will be making electronic projects like Arduino based and pi projects starting with octopi form my new ender 3.


I do think a lot about the future and interesting concepts in my mind that I wouldn’t mind sharing. Although sometimes the may be vague they may also be thought-provoking.

I’m thinking of maybe illustrating these in video form or maybe some 3d animations just have to wait and see on those ones.


Personally, I am looking to achieve financial freedom for me and my family. Whilst being happy and healthy enough to enjoy everything this amazing world has to offer.

The purpose of this blog is to make steps on daily basis to achieve my goals of Freedom, Happiness & Health.

I know that sounds all hoohaa, but you have to have an aim in life.

 "The purpose of life is a life of purpose" - Some Wise Old Man

If this appeals to you stick around have a look and see if there is anything you fancy.