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The Lack Of Noble Pursuits

I’ve been listening to Elon musk’s biography on audible and well I was properly taken aback by this statements. “The greatest minds right now are focused on getting people to click ads! F*cking ads!!” – Elon Musk I mean It…

What Is Compound Interest? Explained

Compound interest explained
Compound interest is, in short, the interest accumulated on interest. For instance, you have a £10,000 investment with a 10% return. The £1,000 return you then have goes back into the investment so next time you have a 10% return on £11,000 which is £1,100. When you look at it like this is not very complicated at all. You invest your returns back into the investment and the returns increase.

What Is Financial Freedom? Explained

What Is Financial Freedom_ Explained
Financial freedom is when a person’s assets generate income that is at least equal to their expenses. Financial independence means you have enough wealth to live on, without working. Income earned without working if referred to as “passive income” as opposed to “active income” which is the money you earn by working.

What Is Passive Income? Explained

What Is Passive Income?
So to summarise passive income is income from sources that have been set up to run autonomously or with minimal upkeep. It usually takes a lot of time to initially set up but then pays recurring income over time without directly inputting your time.