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Lifestyle design is something I’ve heard much about but never given much attention to until quite recently.

The premise is that you design your life and environment around your vision, creating habits that align with your goals and eliminating things that go again your vision or consume your time.

It’s cutting out that crap and focusing on the good, basically!

Where to start? Definition!

First you need to define your vision! What do you want to do in life and maybe more important what don’t you want to do. Sometimes what you want to do isn’t so clear but you can list what you don’t want to do for days.

Make a list and write it down. All your wants and don’t wants, likes and dislikes. If you need some pointers I wrote.

  • Relaxed mornings
  • Cycling & health
  • Build my business
  • Travel with family
  • Grow this blog
  • Range Rover

This should give you a good idea of things to add to your list. Go through it and just jot down everything and then check it again and think will that actually make me happier.

Once you have the list you can add up the cost of all the items to see how much you need to live this lifestyle. You may be surprised if you haven’t got much on your list you may not even need to work as many hours as you currently are and just need to change a few things. On the other hand you may realise you need to make a lot more money and fast.


Either way you will need you remove all the unnecessary tasks from your lifestyle. If you are looking to spend more time with family do you really need two cars. Would getting rid of one car allow you to work less hours and see your family more?

Earning more money is similar in the sense that you probably spend a lot of time doing things that don’t actually earn you any money. Cut all of that out, get an assistant that allows you to do the tasks that actually make you money all day long.

Work smarter not harder you’ve heard it before!


Not everything can be eliminated. You still have to file your taxes and see the doctor now and again but make all of these tasks as stress free as possible. Automate everything you can or delegate the tasks. In the case of taxes get an accountant, if it’s doctors checkups set a reminder to book an appointment ever 3 months.

The less you have to think about on a daily basis the more free you will feel and be in body and mind.


Now you’ve outlined your ideal lifestyle (definition), cut out all the crap you don’t need to do to achieve this (elimination), streamlined all of the necessary tasks (automation) and now you are liberated.

You’re free!!

But hold on a moment you need a plan. You can only sip margaritas on the beach for so long. You need a plan for what to do with your need found freedom. Hopefully your definition of your ideal lifestyle is balanced and full. If not you might need to rethink what it is you want from life.

Life is not all about money. If that is all you are looking for you might look up and see that life passed you by – Sn3ll

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