This Is The Hardest For Me!

Personally, health is the hardest for me! I’m sat here just ate a whole bag of Minstrels now I thought it would be a good time to write about health. Get what I’m saying 🙁

The Struggles

  1. Diabetic
  2. Lazy
  3. Terrible Diet

I mean come on! If I can manage to sort out my health then anyone can. I wasn’t to target the three struggles above mainly. Hopefully, on my journey, you can get some tips and tricks or maybe just some inspiration.

  1. Diabetes
    It’s terrible! My blood sugars too high and my diet is terrible. Taking control of my diabetes and sorting out my blood sugar is the highest on my list. I don’t want my legs falling off.
  2. Lazy
    Well, what can I say I like my sleep. But I’ve just had a  baby (Arlo) so sleep is lacking. Honestly, Sophie(My Beautiful Girlfriend) does most of the night work but having more energy and being more awake is second.
  3. Diet
    One my Diabetes and energy levels are up. Diet is that last one to conquer. I imagine the first two will have a large effect on this but whatever is left will be sorted in the third step.

The three steps to my health. Well, obviously this is just the outline. I’ll have to do a lot to archive these like diets and gym and routines but if you follow the blog you’ll be up to date on everything.