Who is Sn3ll?

Honestly, I’m just LAZY!

Welcome to my blog!

Full Name: Philip Alexander Snelling (But people call me Snell)
Born: October 1996 (I’m 21)
Location: Wales, Uk I feel like I’m writing a CV😂
Oh well, welcome to my life! Honestly, I’m nothing amazing, YET!

My goal for this blog is to document my journey and hold myself accountable. As it says in the title I’m just lazy, nothing special and hopefully my story will help you in your story.


Financial Freedom – Step 1

I want financial freedom for me and my family. I currently have a good job and am looking to diversify my income streams. This is where the blog and other projects are going to come in.

At the moment I earn nothing AT ALL from online sources, I want to change that and document the whole thing so you can see me come from where I am today to wherever it is I am when you are reading this.

Sorting out your finances is massive!  You can’t buy happiness but money trouble in one of the biggest reasons people are unhappy. Financial freedom and security give you the freedom to focus on the more important things in life, like the second step.

Happiness – Step 2

Own my financial stresses have been lifted, I can focus on what makes me happy😊

Personal I’d love to travel more, spend more time with the family and work from my laptop. HOW?
Well, these steps are already in place and just need to grow to a point of sustainability. Financial Freedom
This will give me the ability to free up time from my full-time job to travel and spend time with my family. Online Income
As long as my income is mainly coming from online sources which is what I am trying to build working on my laptop should not be an issue at all.

Also in this step personally I’ve always wanted a Range Rover and I need a new house to accommodate my growing family. I will be saving aggressively for a downpayment on a house and then a deposit for the Range Rover.

For you it might be different, you need to look at where you want to go in life and make a plan like this. Write this down!

  1. What does my happiness look like?
  2. What do I do on a daily basis?
  3. What do I need to implement to make this a reality?
  4. what action can I take on a daily basis to work towards this goal?

Note: You should love the process of getting to where you want to be not just the end goal because it’s going to take some time to get there. Love it!

Then on to the third and final step…

Health – Step 3

You have the money you are happy now let’s make sure we live long enough and healthy enough to enjoy everything this world has to offer.

Personally, I have Type 1 Diabetes (the really shitty kind). Controlling this and maintaining a healthy blood sugar level will be one of my biggest channels. It will be a combination of diet and exercise to balance the scales of life.

Your goal might be different but this is where you will face the biggest channel, YOURSELF! Maintaining discipline and focus to achieve this goal will take your entire life. But the reward of a healthy body and mind will be seen in all aspects of your life.


So if you are interested in changing your life for the better and you are in a similar position to me at the moment welcome! Let’s make a difference in our lives and the people around us. Sometimes you want to jump but you need a little push to let this be your push to start a better life☺️

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