How to make money selling in school – Best way to make money as a school kid

Sweets to make money selling in school

Selling Sweets In School Made Me £100 A Day!

So many kids these days complaining they don't have enough money. My friend Joe and I decided to do something about it. We sold sweets, drinks, snacks anything you wanted we would supply. It became a very lucrative business and at its peak, we would make £100 consistently day in day out.

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How We Did It!

Well, it started out of necessity £10 a month pocket money doesn't go very far these days and that's all we had. Saving up for 5 months to buy black ops just wasn't the way I wanted to live. So Joe and I started on our hustle.

I would go thought or thought process of getting to selling in school but it was very simple.

Me: What can we do?
Joe: Paper round?
Me: No Billy up the road is already doing it. Weekend job?
Joe: But then we won't have any time to play.

Joe & I: Let's make money selling in school.

Then we both decided we are in school already why not make money and still have all our free time out of school to sit and play COD hahaha!

Sourcing The Stock


Sweets to make money selling in school

So first thing first you need to know what you are going to be selling. Ask your friends, classmates, and children from other years.

Personally, we bought most of our stuff from Home Bargains because we could sell most of the stock at twice the price. This is what you want to aim for, selling everything at twice the price you bought it for if you can.

If you don't have a Home Bargains around the corner from you. Other alternatives online might be better like Amazon if you can get a good price. Search "Bulk Chocolate".

Buy in bulk! Multipacks are the best thing for this most of the time you can double your money on any multipack.

Selling The Stock

This was the easiest part in my opinion. We got very good at it towards the end. Hopefully, I can give you some tips to help you start.

  • Start off slow. Don't walk in on your first day with a duffle bag filled to the brim with goodies because chances are you'll be disappointed. You need to grow your awareness and reputability in the school first. Start out small and as you start selling out quicker only then do you start bringing more stock.


  • Move around! This one is massive the difference between you and a shop is you have legs(and a few other things🤣), that means you can go to the customer and tell them what you're selling. We used to do a lap around the school every break and lunch. People loved it a shop that comes to you with exactly what you want. Stop it!


  • Be discrete. I know it doesn't sound like we were being discrete at all but trust me didn't want to get caught by our headmaster he didn't like me in the first place. Just keep it on the down low and don't get too big for your boots.


  • Adapt to the environment. If it how to sell cold drinks if its hot don't sell melted chocolate. Common Sence!


We used to ride our bikes down to the shop. If it was raining something we could get a lift in the car but we weren't always so lucky.

I mentioned previously to start out slow this is key. You don't want to be that annoying kid that is always trying to sell stuff that people don't want. The best way to do this is to always have just a little less than you need.

If you sell out and only one person asks you if you have anything left thas great. If 10-20 ask then maybe you should look to get more stock.

Note: People love to buy and hate being sold. Let the people know what you've got don't force it on them.


Be careful. You are going to have a lot of money on your person most of the time. Going to buy stock or at the end of a good day. Just be careful money attracts unwanted attention.

Save It. If you are anything like me you'll just spend it on food and video games. Come on I was a kid give me a break. I did manage to save a good amount to get myself a car as soon as I passed my test and I always had money to go out with friends and buy whatever I needed. Perks of having money as a kid.


In my opinion, this is the best way to make money like a kid in school. It doesn't take up much time after school unless you count counting your fat stacks.

So just to finish-

  1. Start out small.
  2. Tell everyone what your selling.
  3. Don't force it on them.
  4. Move around the school.
  5. Always have less stock than you need.
  6. Stack that cash.

Hope this helped you! Let me know below how much you have managed to make.

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