Life Is A GameBoy Game?

What if life is a simulation. A GAME?

What if we are just npcs (non player characters) in some kids game?

Thinks about it I mean the Big Bang, sounds like booting a game to me. Once there was nothing and then everything, just like a game!

No wonder the thought of us being in a simulation has become so popular all of a sudden. The more we learn about technology the more realistic it seems.

But what is crazier than that! What if the universe is a game sold to children like we are the real life sims or something!?

Retro GameBoy

Time could just be fast forwarded as we live our lives in this simulation. They could have no idea we have feelings or think anything in here. We could be doing the same to people in our games 🤯.

If you have ever played sim city you will know but basically when you progress through the game you start to unlock natural disasters. 2020 looks like that year for our game, forest fires, trade wares and don’t forget COVID-19. It’s like they have just unlocked the natural disaster tab and we are living the consequences.

I know from experience sometimes you want to play the best game you can and maybe they are just testing out the new toys. But on the other hand they could just want to see the world burn, let’s hope it’s not the later.

P.S I’m not crazy I don’t actually think this it’s just fun to think of these things 🤔

Let me know your thoughts on this 👇🏽👇🏽

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