Make Fighting Climate Change Profitable!

Global Warming is a serious issue and getting people to care should be top of the list. Money is on the top of most peoples list so make fighting climate change profitable and you have lots of people caring about it.

I am a practical person. If you want someone to do something make it worth their while

Fighting Climate Change Needs To Be Profitable. Period.

Getting your average Joe to care about anything is literally a $628 billion dollar business, its called advertising and they can justify this because they are making that money back hand over fist selling you crap.

So imagine how hard it is to make anyone care about climate change enough to change their lives in a considerable way with no monetary gain or incentives. I wouldn’t like to be that guy.

So in my mind you have to split this into two categories the average Joe like me and you. Then on the other side you have business, anything from your corner shop to the faceless corporations.

Getting Paid & Saving The Planet.

Now that’s something people will care about. I’m just going to outline some point I feel individuals and business could get behind if curtain incentives or advancements were realised.

The Average Joe

If it’s expensive or adds time to their day they don’t want to know. Most people want convinence, low cost and reliability this is where we need to get to with sustainable technology.

Electric Vehicles

Let’s start with the obvious Ev’s (Electric Veicles). Current we have companies like Tesla and Nio making big moves in this space with other more traditional motor companies like Ford and GM also adding to the lineup.

Currently we have the government subsidies and the lower running costs of EV’s playing a massive role in their adoption. Although the main issues they are still facing are charging times (although they are quickly progressing), maintainability and cost.

Once the range of EV’s and charging time are comparable to traditional combustion engines it will be as convenient as your current combustion engine.

Nobody wants to drive EV’s if it takes hours to charge and then you can one go 200 miles on thar charge.

Maintainability is also a big part of running cost, if you can one get your EV’s devices by the manufacturer and not a third part like Tesla’s. The cost is obviously gaining to be massive because of the lack of competition.

Cost will come down over time we have already see prospective offerings as low as £25,000 schedules for 2023. If this is the case it will actually be feasible for households with nominal income to afford.

Home Power

If you have ever looked into renewable energies you have probably heard of wind and solar. Many people have already adopted solar with small scale installations on their rooftops. Wind is much more difficult to adopt given the cost and size needed in residential areas. They are also an eye sore.

Advancements in solar have made this actually viable source of income from deductions in energy bills at a small scale to selling excess energy to the grid on a larger scale this is something people can get behind. Governments and councils all around the world are also giving deductions on residential installations for everyone’s benefit.

This is what i mean..

When you can outline clear route that people can get deductions or earn income whilst also saving the planet it will go down a treat. But residental are a small campfire compared to the forest fire that is…


Getting business to adopt greener solutions is the biggest change we can make as the largest percentage of greenhouse gasses come from commercial business.

Commercial EV’s

Lorries, delivery drivers, tractors & taxis all need to make the change! This will be the game changer once we have the technology for industry to change over to electric this will mark a massive pivot point for EV’s. Tesla is making leaps and bounds with the semi truck and i’m sure CAT wont be far behind with an electric tractor.

Getting these sorts of vehicles incentivised by governments will propel their adoption into the future with this allowing more to afford this new alternative to gas.


Given the usual location of industry and the more open space, I think small scale wind and solar (with some advancements) could become a viable solution for many medium-sized business.

100% renewable energy is the goal! If you are running a business you aren’t going to build a wind farm just to run your shop but sourcing your energy reliably from utility companies that are 100% renewable is the best way to get there.

If you can manage to get to a renewable sate i feel like a grant or lower rates will help more people take this counties strip the sourcing their energy sustainable.

Ocean Plastic

Last but not least this is something I’ve been putting much thought into recently and it getting that plastic out of the ocean. There is literally a giant accumulation of plastic called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch contains at least 79,000 tons of discarded plastic, covering an area of about 617,800 square miles (1.6 million square kilometres).


Let incentive business to use this material at a minute cost and develop ways this plastic can be suitably collected and reused into useful and sustainable products. A company in the UK have been using this plastic you pave roads I think this is a great use for the plastic and more ideas like this need to come forward for companies to make money from this abundant resource that is destroying our oceans.

Hopefully this sparks someones creativity and thinks of a great was to use this material to build sustainable housing or skyscrapers whatever makes them money. We need to make changes to our ways quick our we may not be able to change it at all.

Hope this made you think. Have a lovely day!

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