Welcome to my life in writing my thoughts, projects minus the boring stuff, enjoy!

↯↯ Let's Gooo ↯↯

Me, myself & life

What can I say, I'm a weird guy if you're not weird we can't be friends. But I don't even text my friends back so you're not missing out on much. I'm a nerd looking to share my thoughts with the world. Writing articles on this here blog & documenting my projects both on youtube and here.

Oh look here they are give them a read let me know what you think :)


The goals i suppose....

I suppose the goal is to enjoy myself and have a catalogue of projects and thoughts I can look back on.
If you like some of the content or enjoy following along with one of the projects then that will make my day.

"So we hope you enjoy listening to this album half as much
As we enjoyed playing it for you, because we had a ball
Only real music is gonna last
All that other bullshit is here today and gone tomorrow"