Solid-State Batteries – The future of battery power

The future of power is now – solid-state batteries are the next big leap in battery technology promising great leaps in capacity and power delivery.

If you take a look at the diagram below it will become apparent solid-state batteries promise all of the above and at a smaller form factor.

Solid State Batteries Comparison

How it works

Conventional batteries are made up of an anode and cathode separated by an electrolyte fluid (lead-acid). Solid-state batteries, on the other hand, have fluid and the anode and cathode are separated by an electrolytic solid that allows the charge to pass through it.

– Higher capacity
– Greater throughput
– Quicker charge times

– Cost to manufacture
– High development costs

Rumor is that Tesla is working on Solid-State battery technology for long-range EV’s. This could massively increase the feasibility of EV’s in our daily lives and be a massive Kickstarter for more widespread adoption.

Video Example

For a more detailed explanation of this, I have liked a great video below that will explain what and how they work.

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