Starting A 3D Property Tour / Scan Business

This business model is based around Matterport Software. Matterport is a software that allows you to take 360-degree cameras like the Insta 360 One X to make 3D models and walkthroughs of property or any indoor space.

Starting A 3D Property Scanning Business

Using this software and a 360-degree camera you can get high-quality models of the house to sell to real estate agents. Matterport takes care of all the difficult steps and all you need to do is scan the house with your camera from multiple angles and then wait for Matterport to do its thing.

How To 3D Scan With Matterport?

With the introduction of cheap 360-degree cameras, Matterport has made it possible to get highly detailed scans of a property with minimal effort. They also have a beta program that will use your iPhone to take the videos but I wouldn’t recommend this at the moment due to the low quality and mixed results.

Matterport Capture App

The image above shows the software in use. You install the app on your iPhone and connect it to your camera. As you can see in this image the blue numbered markers are the scan locations. By moving the camera around in the room and scanning multiple time you get a very details image of the property as you can see in the app.

You can preview the scan live from the app, editing and checking that the scan is correct. Once you are happy just upload the scan for processing. It will be stiched together ready for you to send to the client. Easy as that, Ill link to some youtube videos with more detailed instructions on the whole process below.

Starting A 3D Property Scanning Business/Side Hustle

Starting a small bussiness page online is not difficult and this is all you need to do to get started. Get yourself online, you can use the links below they will offer you free or very cheap and easy ways to get your bussiness online.

Get Online With…

Once you have decided on one of the above just set up a small page tat outlines your service with a link to your contact details. This will allow people to find you in your local area and give you a presence and a location you can send prospective customers too.

Buying 3D Scanning Cameras

Getting online and letting people know about you is a great start and it outlines to you and other what you can and will do. You now need a camera to do this work.

Matterport has options for the camera you can use ranging from iPhone to Matterports own expensive cameras. As you look through the options that Matterport offer keep in mind that the more it costs the more detailed scans. Below are the details of the camera that will work with the software.

 iPhone Beta – £599360 Cameras –
Matterport Pro2 – £2,830Leica BLK360 – £14,450
 Mobile ready with your iPhone or iPadQuick, portable, entry-level 3D scanningBest-in-class    all-inclusive 3D capture systemSpecialized high-accuracy 3D reality capture
Great forGetting 3D straight from your pocket, wherever you areScanning small spaces or roomsScanning several rooms or an entire  homeHigh portabilityCreating highest-quality 3D scans with unlimited 4K photographyLong battery life for multiple scans per dayScanning large or outdoor spaces in 2KApplications that need highest accuracy
VRCheck 32dp primaryCheck 32dp primaryCheck 32dp primaryCheck 32dp primary
FloorplansNone 32dpNone 32dpCheck 32dp primaryCheck 32dp primary
Outdoor qualityGood to great outdoor image quality (depends on device)Good outdoor image qualityBest outdoor image qualityBest performance in sunlight, best range
3D Scanning Cameras And Pricing

My reccomendation for would be the iphone because most people already have one but at the moment it only in beta, if you are reading this after late 2020. Check if the iPhone app is out of beta yet and I would just use that.

But unfortunately, I’m not from the future so I currently recommend the 360 Camera linked above. For a few hundred pounds you can get great value and quality scans for not a lot of money. As you can see from the table above you get all of the functions of the more expensive camera aside from the floorplan.

Once you have done few jobs and you know this is something you want to pursue they you can fork out for one of the more expensive cameras and get all the functionality and higher quality scans for better clients.

Stay Safe!

When you are working out and about and scanning we suject you get some public liability. This is just that same as photographers insurance. Dont worry about this it isnt expencive but it can really have your ass.

If someone is walking around and trips over your tripod, you break something in someones house your liability will have you. This is not essential because you are very unlikely to get sued but if you do you will fell it and the low cost of this insurance will cover you agains this.

Here is a highly recommended insurer but have a look what you gat get in your area.

What To Charge

Here is the meat that you’ve been waiting for the pricing. So these are the pricing that working my area in the UK. Your prices will change depending on location and experience/cameras. For example in the USA pricing can be as many as 4 times as high all around in high-cost areas.

I recommend you look into the cost that people are charging in your area and try to undercut them. This will keep you competitive and while you are starting out get you into the business and build your experience.

Price To Charge

Scanning 1,500 sq ft property – $299

Additional +500 sq ft – $100

Providing 2d floor plan – $59 – This is one click in the software

Interior photography – $199 – Rip these form the scans no additional work

Drone Shots – $99 – If your interested in buying a drone

All the above – $499 – Offer all the services as a package for a discount this will incentives the customer to see the benefit.


As you can tell from these prices you are not going to be selling this to every tom, dick and harry. Only people selling significantly priced properties makes sense.

I recommend you get your business up and running and get some experience with your cameras. Then introduce yourself to all the real estate agents in your area and make it worth their while to sell your service to their clients, this will get you consistent clients for low work.

If clients are using local surveyors to carry out the work, prices typically range between £400 – £1200. If you can give clients a similar or better service tapping into this market will be priceless.

This looks like the leading uk company and the pricing, this should give you a good idea of what you can expect.

If you have and questions or thoughts people leave them below for others 🙂

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