The Lack Of Noble Pursuits

I’ve been listening to Elon musk’s biography on audible and well I was properly taken aback by this statements.

“The greatest minds right now are focused on getting people to click ads! F*cking ads!!” – Elon Musk

I mean It took me a second to get it but get this. The people with the most money hire the best talent, the companies with the most money right now are tech companies and all they care about is ad revenue.

We have the greatest minds of the 21st century not focused on advancing the human race or exploring the mind or universe. No, getting people to buy crap from China is the top of the list.

It’s crazy!!

The thing about generations past is mostly they had events to rally behind. Some good like space races and ending racism, others no so good like wars and plague. Good or bad it gave meaning to peoples lives and they rallied together to fight.

People don’t have clear causes to rally behind these days therefore all the money is spent on capturing that free attention.

In the book Elon says he’s made it his mission to give the human race what they deserve. A multi planetary race with renewable energy and electric cars. That’s what he is doing changing the world when the smartest people in the world are wasting away at companies like Facebook and Google because the price is right.

I’m not gonna start hating in capitalism but it’s makes people selfish. Thinking about the future and advancing as a species should be top of the list not ads.

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