Umm, Life?


Well I can’t say I feel like life is rolling on as it did when I was younger. In youth you have many people trying to influence you to become the best version of yourself and I feel like I thrive in this environment.

As I grow older I can definitely sense a slow down and I’m not a fan. Not conscious mind you, it’s more like a subconscious feeling of reservation. Almost like I’m conserving my energy until I need to use it but without exerting myself physical this never comes.

I do enjoy going out on my bike as often as possible and walks with my baby boy. I’m no slob by any man but as I said I can definitely feel the slow down. Sometimes I feel this is due to not doing enough and maybe it’s I exercised more I’d feel better physical.

So that’s what I’m going to try 30 minutes a day of something. No matter what it is waking, running, cycling as long as it gets me moving for at least half an hour a day.

Umm I’m not sure how long I’ll try this for let’s say 2 weeks to start. After that I’ll review and see how we are getting on. Hopefully I’m have some good news to report apart from my tiredness