USB Type-C breakout board for Power Delivery – For DIY Projects

Best USB power delivery board for diy projects with variable voltage

I have spent all day looking for this so I thought I would share my findings with you good people of the internet.

USB Type-C breakout board for Power Delivery ZY12PDN bare board

I am looking for a USB Type C breakout board that I can use in my projects for power. Given the high voltage that can be transferred with USB C and the compact nature of the connector, in my opinion, they are perfect for projects.
I have a few projects on the go at the moment that could benefit from high voltage but still keeping a relatively small form factor.

But you already know that that’s why you’re here.

Amazon – USA

Amazon – CA

Amazon – UK

Aliexpress – Worldwide

When I was looking for these boards I found it very difficult to get a hold of the exact model that was needed. I need to be able to change the voltage that is drawn from the USB Type-C and this board ZY12PDN has this functionality on a push button.

See this link below to a great video that shows the full functionality of the board and how to can be used in the same case we describe here.

This is a great video on this little board!
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