Downloading My Data From Facebook, Google & Snapchat – Over 200GB!!!

In this video, I downloaded all of my data for Facebook Google & Snapchat. These companies had over 200GB of data on file about me between these three services. They all collect information on your location and your interests to better serve ads and monetize your attention.

If you are interested in how to download your data too and have a look into the shocking amount of data they have about you. All the links you need are below.

They Collect Everything

When combing thought the data it was very shocking to see the amount of detail the these companies keep and how long they kept the information some up to 8 years of location history including workouts, steps and calories burned.

One of the most interesting aspects was the data on your intrests or advertising profile. This was usually a list of all the thing they thing you are interesrted in including past searches and interactions on the platform.

Snapchat even kept a list of the site you have visited through their browser like your browsing history on chrome or another browser with no way to delete it that I could see.

Location information was a massive part of some of these data packages. Facebook had the most data with your updated location minute by minute. I was confused as to why they kept this and what benefit it had to the company in terms of income. Location-based advertising is a lucrative business but does it need to be as detailed as we have seen here. I suppose if they are already collecting some of your information they may as well get it all.

All this information is clearly used to target the most relevant ads and content to you and keep you on the platform. It is clearly working well for them and I can only see the amount of information growing in the coming years.

Unfortunately, if you use these services there is not a lot that you can do to prevent this as you are login in and willingly allowing these companies access.

Try It For Yourself

All these links below will take you to the website that I have used in this research. If you are interested in another service is usually as easy as heading to the setting, privacy and selecting “My Data” and downloading it. If that doesn’t work just GOOGLE IT!!

Google –




Linkedin –

Amazon –

Reddit –

Off World Computing & Quantum Data Transfer

Previously it was thought that quantum data transfer was impossible due to the inability to manipulate quantum bits.

This meant when you read the state of a quantum bit the opposing entangled bit state would be the opposite but you couldn’t accurately predict this. Therefore reading entangled bits was possible although this did not allow for data transfer.

Scientists at Bristol University have made progressions in transferring quantum bits through silicon.

This technology could prove revolutionary for data transfer speeds and capabilities using quantum entanglement to transfer data could give almost instantaneous speed across any distance.

Where I think this could be most utilised is with off wills computing. At present this is a relatively unexplored technology it could have many benefits such as reducing cooling and power consumption although the construction costs at present wouldn’t be feasible. Situations like satellite links and links to the moon and other planets could be instant. With the new space race on the way and the cost of getting materials into space getting constantly cheaper this could be a real possibility soon.

Note: this does conflict with Einstein’s theory of relativity because this would mean sending data faster than the speed of light. As far as the technology is concerned it is in its infancy and these tests are literally being done as we speak.

Einstein’s theory of relativity

If this technology is developed further it could mean massive developments in technology worldwide connecting distant parts of the world or off world instantaneously through quantum data transfer. We are definitely a few years from computers in space like some massive Death Star data centre computing everything at light speed and then just sending it to our devices but it’s interesting to think about.

AWS Death Star

Only time will tell what will become of this technology although the discovery is being made with data transfer via silicon does seem promising.

LONGWEI DC Power Supply Variable 30V 10A – Review

If you are looking for a bench beginner bench power supply look no further LONGWEI DC Power Supply Variable 30V 10A – Review

If you are looking for a bench beginner bench power supply look no further!

If you are just getting into electronics and looking to invest in a bench power supply this is what we recommend.

The power supply above is great for anyone starting out in DIY Electronics or battery projects. The High voltage and current give you great possibilities for projects, basically, it can power anything you are trying when you are starting out.

If you are working on projects that would exceed the capabilities of this power supply I would recommend that you had more safeties in place and probably using main voltage with step-down converters.

What Comes In The Box?

  1. Power supply & Mains cable (IEC)
  2. Banana plugs with clips
  3. Banana plugs with probes

The video below has an in-depth look at the voltages and stability of the power supply if you are looking for more detail.

I hope this power supply works as well for you as it does for me because I am currently very happy with it.

Solid-State Batteries – The future of battery power

The future of power is now – solid-state batteries are the next big leap in battery technology promising great leaps in capacity and power delivery.

If you take a look at the diagram below it will become apparent solid-state batteries promise all of the above and at a smaller form factor.

Solid State Batteries Comparison

How it works

Conventional batteries are made up of an anode and cathode separated by an electrolyte fluid (lead-acid). Solid-state batteries, on the other hand, have fluid and the anode and cathode are separated by an electrolytic solid that allows the charge to pass through it.

– Higher capacity
– Greater throughput
– Quicker charge times

– Cost to manufacture
– High development costs

Rumor is that Tesla is working on Solid-State battery technology for long-range EV’s. This could massively increase the feasibility of EV’s in our daily lives and be a massive Kickstarter for more widespread adoption.

Video Example

For a more detailed explanation of this, I have liked a great video below that will explain what and how they work.