Off World Computing & Quantum Data Transfer

Previously it was thought that quantum data transfer was impossible due to the inability to manipulate quantum bits.

This meant when you read the state of a quantum bit the opposing entangled bit state would be the opposite but you couldn’t accurately predict this. Therefore reading entangled bits was possible although this did not allow for data transfer.

Scientists at Bristol University have made progressions in transferring quantum bits through silicon.

This technology could prove revolutionary for data transfer speeds and capabilities using quantum entanglement to transfer data could give almost instantaneous speed across any distance.

Where I think this could be most utilised is with off wills computing. At present this is a relatively unexplored technology it could have many benefits such as reducing cooling and power consumption although the construction costs at present wouldn’t be feasible. Situations like satellite links and links to the moon and other planets could be instant. With the new space race on the way and the cost of getting materials into space getting constantly cheaper this could be a real possibility soon.

Note: this does conflict with Einstein’s theory of relativity because this would mean sending data faster than the speed of light. As far as the technology is concerned it is in its infancy and these tests are literally being done as we speak.

Einstein’s theory of relativity

If this technology is developed further it could mean massive developments in technology worldwide connecting distant parts of the world or off world instantaneously through quantum data transfer. We are definitely a few years from computers in space like some massive Death Star data centre computing everything at light speed and then just sending it to our devices but it’s interesting to think about.

AWS Death Star

Only time will tell what will become of this technology although the discovery is being made with data transfer via silicon does seem promising.